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Prairie Xtreme Media

"Still have those VHS video tapes! Convert it to DVD format for better viewing (no more time consuming to rewind or forward)"

Contact: Sal Monteagudo
Phone: H#320.585.5573 or C#651.338.2929
*get quotes on the different projects, which I'll negotiate lower than the competitor

Other Projects Available:

-Newsletters (e.g. La Tienda Prensa)
-Slide Shows
A to Z: Alphabet Bible Song

*see Goodnews Everybody: Children
Mill City Museum (Minneapolis, MN)

Create your own video slideshow at

*see Liberal Arts: Photography -Cameras, Camcorders, Photos, Pictures, etc...
Missions Spotlight Kenya Reah Out to Kenya Children

*see GoodnewsEverybody: Africa-Kenyan
-for Outfitters for Adventure
-Video conversions (e.g. see down below for samples)
-Websites (e.g. see {Prairie Design-Portfolio})
-Miscellaneous Multi-Media Computer Projects to meet your needs. I'm willing to learn and try something new!

Prairie Xtreme Media

Prairie Web Design
(Old Site))

Are you looking for a website to easily manage? Do you feel that it is costing too much to put data into your website through your current web server? Well, I would like to personally help you with these problems.


During my sophomore year, I decided to pursue a minor in Computer Science. I took one class called Introduction to Computer Science my freshmen year, and it sparked my interest to do so. However, when I took a course on Algorithims, I wasn't as interested any more. I dropped this minor and decided to just make web pages as a hobby to keep out of boredom during my early years living in Morris!

Side Job of Making Homepages

With all this experience and interest in making homepages, I've gotten myself into doing this as a side-job and hobby. Besides my servant interest for the Lord in making ministry websites like this one and for my local church; I've gotten into making it for people I know based on referrals or recommendations:

What do I charge?

It depends on the time, what type of design (data input, graphics, copy/paste, downloading, etc...), and the client's needs. I usually charge up to $100 for set-up fees, depending how much work and time I put into it. Then I charge $10 for every 20 minutes I put into updating any sites I make throughout the year and a $15 annual feel for registration purposes . I'm very lenient on the time-charge I take depending on how much knowledge I have in the particular design as I'm still learning new ways of designing every day.

"Making your web designing easier, personal, and affordable in the Morris area"
Some of my Webdesign Portfolio
Conroy Well Drilling
Della Conroy Multi Media
Prairie Renassaince Cultural Association(upgraded from original designer-Seth Sweep, former UMM Student=>has a new site now)
GoodnewsEveryBody Com
Current Webdesign Project(s)
Morris Website Innovation Project: Suggestions for a 21st Century Homepage
My Info:
Name: Salvador Monteagudo
Address: 109 E. 3rd St.; Morris, MN 56267; 320.585.5573; C#651.338.2929

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GoodnewsEverybody: Videos

Goodnews USA You Tube Personal Site
Personal Videos:
Road Trip from Manilla to Isabella Province

"It was a long trip from the main capitol to a rural province called Isabella. I decided to play some praise and worship music called "Revival in Belfast" (from Ireland) in my uncle's tape player. It helped maked the trip go not as slow. More..."
*see My Experience in the Philippines Oct. 3rd-20th of 2001 I apologize first-hand for the quality of this recent (Thursday, December 20th of 2007) converted video (VHS Tape to DVD), which it would've been better if I it was originally recorded in digital format.

Killing Bees

"My younger brother and I shoot water to take down the bee infestation in our backyard."
Nogales, Sonora-Mexico Mission Trip 01' Part 1

"Went with a group from Morris, Minnesota to do missions (distribute clothing and Bibles, spoke to a church, help at a mission outreach center, etc..) worked in Nogales, Arizona and Sonora, Mexico"
Nogales, Sonora-Mexico Mission Trip 01' Part 2

Jars of Clay on China

"I went to a music festival called Sonshine Festival in Wilmar, Minnesota back in the summer of 1999/2000. A group called Jars of Clay had a memorable share on witnessing how BIG God is after a mission trip to China.. " ..see music concert video on "World Apart" or...
"Worlds Apart" by Jars of Clay at Sonshine Festival 00, on
Morris, Minnesota 2001 Tour

"Touring the town of Morris, Minnesota in my Chevy Blazer ("Dive" & "It's Killing Me" by D.C. Talk in the background) in the Fall of 2001. Remember what you see in this video is 7 years ago, so this college town has changed a lot!"

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  • Steve Kuban leads worship team to My Life is in You

    "Steve Kuban leads a worship team to "My Life is in You" to start the conference called "Hear&Obey International Revival Conference" in the Twin Cities-Minnesota"
  • God Tube
  • Children 18 3 plays "White Christmas" at Friendship Fest 00'

    "This is a video from years ago-back in 2000 during the "3rd Annual Friendship Fest" in Glenwood, Minnesota (35 minutes east of here-Morris, MN). They play "White Christmas" to cool the spectators at this summer outdoor event overlooking the beautiful Lake Minnewaska. Check out Children 18:3's (local punk-rock home church band with a newer genre of music and adding a female voice since 2000) newest latest CD (released 2/29/08) from Tooth & Nail Records"
    *see more rock music-> Children 18:3
    God Tube: GoodnewsEverybodyCom, personal site
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  • "Party in the Park" with Big Dog Small Fence

    "Big Dog Small Fence (ska band from Los Angeles, California) plays at an active venue in East Side Park-Morris, Minnesota."
    *see Music: Concerts


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